Hi! My name is Dennis Urban, I’m 25 years old, and a Site Reliability Engineer based in Aalen, Germany. I describe myself as a passionate system engineer who loves open source, coding and network stuff with focus on scalability and high-performance systems. I ❤️ systems who can handle high loads and scale well. Furthermore, I have a master’s degree in computer science focused on computer security.

Aside from my job, I’m a volunteer firefighter and deputy chief of a fire department.




  • Bereitstellung von Moodle hing am seidenen Faden (bildung & wissenschaft 12 / 2020)
  • Schule digital: Die Lösung BelWü – hinter den Kulissen des Fernunterrichts (heise.de)
  • „Mit jedem Ausfall sind wir schlauer geworden“ (c’t 10/2021, S. 118)